by Seeall

Things has become increasingly difficult for me these past few days. The agony of it; the pain of having to go through certain life experiences.

I want to tell myself to keep holding on, keep holding on to the faith, keep my hope and faith in God.

Yet time and again, I’m feeling lost, helpless and anxious all over again.

I usually start off good but end bad because I have forgotten to hold on to the lessons I’ve learnt in the morning. I’ve forgotten to meditate those bible verses in my head throughout the day. And at night, when I lie in bed, I’m in an insomnia.

I’ve been watching Bubzbeauty vlogz recently (because her videos are a temporary remedy to my frustrations in life and with life itself)

She said something that struck me.

There was this part in the vlog where she showed her book with it’s front cover titled “Today is my day” where she writes down things she’s grateful for the day. And then, she proceeded to saying, “Each day is a chance to love, laugh and to learn.”

I should stop all this nonsense and carry on with life because each day is a chance to love, laugh and to learn. I should never let this chance go to waste.