by Seeall

Thank God for a supportive cg where I can just rant and share my problems to them and that they’re willing to listen, help and pray for me and my “life’s baggage”.

Sometimes I wonder if their views of me changed after my rant or after sharing my thoughts and plans. It’s quite hard for me to share my problems sometimes because I’m afraid to be under the judgmental views of others who hears me.

Not sure about others but I have this tendency to judge others. And that’s bad. I hate it when I do that. Trying to change. đŸ˜¦

Anyhoos, in the midst of sharing I gave this analogy: “You know, my heart is like a little office full of politics”. They laughed and said that statement was cute.

Never occurred to me that it was a cute statement.

Although I never planned to come off as cute, I was surprised that I found pleasure in that compliment of me sounding cute. Oh my.

I really need to socialize more.