by Seeall

Recently, I happen to stumble upon this couple sending their 5 year old kid to tuition class. Say, whut? Although I’m relatively happy with my carefree childhood life and was not sent to tuition classes at such a young age, that very much reminded me of how my mum used to push me and “torture” me into going for piano classes, swimming classes and ballet classes (unfortunately the last one didn’t work out) when I was young. Looking back, I’m so grateful for what she did. I never understood why back then, but now I do.

Anyway, back to the couple story. I feel like society, in general, has been fed with so many instantaneous gratifications; so much so that parents these days want their child to grow and develop instantly according to their desire. (Maybe Apple should come out with a child robot. Just joking, iKid.)

They continually push their kids to walk faster, learn faster, eat faster etc. but parents must understand that learning takes time. Your child isn’t slow. You must understand that your child is innately programmed by God to take time to learn things in life.

Suddenly I sound like a parent advisor..and since I’m already sounding like one: –

You should not leave your child to the maid because you are depriving them of your tender, loving care. You should allow them to play a role in helping around in household chores. This helps them develop and give them a sense of responsibility. Don’t be to engross in academic results because life is not all about having straight A’s. You must correct your child’s behavior when necessary and be a good role model. Children learn quickly, like the saying goes, monkey see monkey do. So be very careful on what you are exposing your child to i.e the media. Nowadays, Disney TV shows aren’t as innocent as it used to be. Don’t use threats or lies to make your child behave or succumb to you because this will hinder their personal and social development. You’re not going to gain any compliance or respect. Maybe not now, but results will show in the future.

Okay now, there you go. Parenting 101 in 150 words or so.