I found this in a random exercise book. It was something I wrote back in 2007 while deciding whether to go to study overseas or not.

Studying abroad

1. Recognized internationally
2. Lecturers may be better
3. Get to see and experience outside world, meet people of different cultures and background
4. A more competetive person
5. Better facilities
6. A higher quality of education
7. Widening my horizon

1. Influenced by people
2. Difficult to adapt
3. Might get alienated overseas (why would I think that way lol)
4. Homesick in a foreign country
5. Difficult to come home immediately in case of emergancy
6. Cost of living high

Studying locally

1. Stay close to family
2. Can still get to eat Msian food
3. No climate changes
4. Cost of living still the same
5. Everything still the same

1. Not recognized
2. Might be sidelined by company

When I read this list, I had a lot of “LOL, whutt” moment. By that expression, I actually mean that I’m embarrassed by my previous (rather narrow) point of view. I don’t even know how I got to some of the conclusions or pointers as written above. It’s just….absurd. I was 17 then. I’m 22.5 now. Time really flies. But I’m definitely grateful to have ample of time in my hands now. Just felt like taking off and reflect on where I am now and where I’m planning to be headed to, you know, just to be sure I don’t regret in my thirties on some things that I want to do but haven’t actually done it when I had my chance.

I just need to gather my courage.

On a totally random note, here’s another list I wanted to make. Yes, I’m a list person. I love listing stuff.

Bible – coz it’s awesome like that
Mandarin – coz I’m Cina
Guitar – for song covers
Dance – coz I can
Cook – while I can
Jamie Oliver – inspiration
Pilate – for a more toned body
Research – nz, phones, gadgets, food
Read – all the books I’ve bought
Vlog – just to be accountable to myself
Teach – coz it changes the future of the nation.