I like Italian. But me no speak Italiano. But me went to Italy. ‘Twas a good and fun experience – I shall return again someday in the future (deo volente).

I know it may be surprising to some but I’m still jobless. I have been getting a lot of people (uncles and aunties, usually) coming to me every Sunday saying, “Still haven’t got a job, ah?”. I thought I won’t be bothered by such remarks but after encountering a few of these on a consistent and persistent basis, I started to get a little…irked.

Which lead to me getting worried, annoyed, lost, confused and stressed.

I guess when people ask some are genuinely concern about me but others are not. Many perceive my jobless state as either it being hard to find a job (which really isn’t the case) or me not making the cut for the job (which isn’t always the case).

Truth is, I’m picky. I see so many job opportunities out there but I only limit myself to big and reputable corporations (notably, MNCs).

In retrospect, I could have landed myself in a job very easily but I myself, made it hard by picking and choosing the companies I want to be in or see myself in. At that time, it hurt my pride if I were to be working in some unknown chinaman company when I consider myself as an asset; a graduate from a prestigious (maybe not so now, its’ ranking dropped) university.

Now it seems to me that I’m not so much of an asset I thought I was. All the big (or medium-sized) MNCs I’ve been targetting doesn’t want me. Try as hard as I may, they won’t accept me. Why? Because I don’t have any substantial working experience. How about those graduate programmes? Nope, I didn’t make it either.

And then it dawned on me….

That maybe all these happenings was just God telling me something. And yes, He is telling me something. While I was reading Psalm 37 this verse striked me

” Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. (v4,v5)”

Although the psalmist had a different background problem than mine (basically he was like why do all these bad people who do bad stuff in the world flourish and prosper while the good people seem to be on the losing end, so he tells us to commit everything to God and trust Him that He will bring vengeance and justice upon these people who wronged us), I am surprise that the verses strucked me and it just gave me the encouragement that I needed and spoke to me.

Amazing, ain’t it? It’s like altho’ a baker uses a roller to make bread, the same roller was used by a swordsmith to make sword…and it worked! Haha.

I’ll learn to wait upon you, Lord. You have the best interest in mind for me so whatever you offer, I’ll trust you, take it and be thankful. Help me not just to pray for guidance but to seek you wholeheartedly – heart, mind and soul.

Thank you Lord for your enlightenment. Nothing else can beat that. Here’s my bag full of worries, Lord – take it. What else can I do without a God like you? I’m humbled and am definitely blessed.