by Seeall

Does it profit me?

When I gain the world

and lose my soul?


Neath the daunting sun.

Under the looming shade.

Clinging to the solace of flesh.


Dining on lavish worms.

Sipping on putrid wine.

Abiding in the living dead.


I slave for I hunger.

I hunger for I slave.

Gained much, profit little.


Shall I then invest in my soul?


Forsaking gold and silver.

Crucifying my body.

Rebuking my friends.


Aye heavy swing the sword.

For he came not in peace,

But to set brother on kin.


I pray that you listen to reason.

Yet I am christened with foolishness.

My zelousness branded blind passion.


body battered, heart bruised,

spirit broken, soul unbowed.

Still unyielding.


For whilst my mind remains open,

My heart is convicted.

My body thus governed,


Till conviction succumbs to reason.

And truth set me free.

If this not be chains of freedom.