You ain’t seen nothing.

by Seeall

The Devil doesn’t need to get us into Satanism to defeat us. He doesn’t need to go that far. He just have to use distractions, even very small one like a bug flying around your head when you’re reading the bible to big ones like decision making or put idolatry in our lives; any kinds of idols are all around us, you name it we have it.

If all else fails, he will try to make a hypocrite out of us. A real good one.

Now isn’t that just scary? Going to church every Sunday, serving, singing we have conquered the devil when truth is, sometimes (or rather, many times) the devil conquered us even more times than we think he did? There you go, he just proven himself to be a master of deception.

Focus, be very alert, be on your toes, be watchful, be attentive, be on guard…and last but not least, our attitude to the devil should be “You ain’t seen nothing!” because he never meant us to get that far off his trap.