by Seeall

I just saw The Avengers and I thought it was just ‘meh’; giving it a 5/10 score because of the predictability of its storyline. It was very predictable for me like the moment I saw the superheroes I knew all well ends well and the moment I knew there was a portal opening to the darker/evil world I knew that wasn’t going to be much of a problem coz well in the end the heroes gonna save the day.

I just wish there were more suspense; like say for an example, the portal was going to open but not sure when or who, among the heroes, were the bad one causing the portal to open. You know, like throwing in a little mind play to keep viewers suspense.

It was obvious from the beginning that Loki was the antagonist and so it is already clear to us that he’s the one everybody needs to get rid of.

To spice things up, there should be like a love triangle thing whereby say, Natasha was Loki’s ex but now she’s with that hawkeyes so she’s kinda torn between two – making the viewers wonder which side is she exactly on; the good or the evil side? Ah, bottom line is – I came out of the movie feeling like I’ve eaten a half-eaten, half-cooked of half an egg. I want something more mind-bending, mind-blowing and mind-boggling. This movie is just not it.

Anyhoo, if you’ve watched Liar Game I don’t think any Hollywood dramas or movies out there can get as close to that level. Every second of every single scene kept me sitting at the edge of my chair, made my heart skipped a beat and made me flabbergasted. It was that thrilling.

After the movie I headed to Carrefour to buy milk and I encountered this really rude cashier. Lucky for him I was tired and was in a surprisingly good mood so I didn’t fight back but thank God my friend standing next to me did  on my behalf. After reaching home, I finally felt regretful and stupid for not answering back at him. Then again, I didn’t want to turn all green hulk on that guy. I’m afraid of what kind of monster I’ll turn myself into when I’m angry. It’s almost like the story of that scary green hulk. When I get angry, I can’t think and act rashly. But I think i need to learn to be more impulsive at the right time such as this case. I should have told him off like bullets sparking off the gun. I’m surprised how I am not angry at all and didn’t utter a word back at him.