Willing to die but not willing to live for Jesus?

by Seeall

Just a random thought.

Which would be easier? To die or to live for Jesus.

Both requires surrendering of our lives to him coz ultimately our lives are not our own. But wouldn’t it be much easier to die for Jesus than to live because when you’re dead, you automatically give up everything; your dreams, hopes, wishes, relationships, things, activities etc.  There’s nothing else you could do cause well -you’re dead and nothing more than a piece of trash, biodegrading away 6 feet underground.

IMHO living for Jesus, is harder.

He gives me everything yet He requires me to willingly surrender it all. Deep in my heart I am willing because I know surrendering would bring forth much fruit, I will grow and learn more. But my action doesn’t speak the same. There is this constant struggle, almost like a hate-love relationship.

Anyway, this is just my opinion and it doesn’t necessarily have to be correct. Besides, what would I know about dying for Jesus; I have never been there.