by Seeall

Such a miserable weekend.

1. Friday I missed cg coz I wanted to use the time to finish my major assignment – until now it is not finished!

2. Missed 3  deals but to make myself feel better – let’s just say that I didn’t want to spend any money at all.

3. Didn’t get any exercising done.

4. Didn’t get practically anything done.

5. To make things worse, I broke my multicooker cover because of my own carelessness

6. I found 3 weevils in my room around the same place – where are those little bastards coming from?!! I checked the rice there was none!

7. I broke my multicooker cover and can’t make dinner.

8. I had no dinner.

9. Hence, I ate crap for dinner

10. I miss Xsocam… A. LOT.

I remember back in the days where me and my housemate would emo shit over the Xsocam server getting down but usually it was just temporarily (like a few minutes if not hours). Back then, a short while of that was like eternity in hell for us. But now, there really is no Xsocam anymore so….no choice but to accept things the way it is and move on. Thinking about the good old days and my current days, comparatively, I really have no life at all. If Xsocam was still around, at least I could’ve ask if anybody had a spare multicooker to lend me to cook my dinner. Now, there’s just communication breakdown. I feel like I’m totally on a deserted island, away from any form of communication.