Day 1

by Seeall

There’s only the most 102 days left before I completely graduate and finish my studies.

There’s only 102 days left for me to live the best years of my life here.

There’s only 102 days left for us to spend together, happy.

102 days.

Today was a good day. It really is true that we humans don’t know how to appreciate what we have until it is gone, or at least in my case, going to be gone. It was just a simple day like any other but I really enjoyed the lectures, my funny classmates making me laugh all the time either intentionally or unintentionally like this case:

Professor: The moulds growing on the outer surface of the cheese causes it to be more and slimier and liquefy as time goes by…so much so that when you cut a portion of it, the cheese sorts of slides off from the covering of the moulds, almost as if it had legs and could run away.

Student: Excuse me Prof, why did the cheese with legs run away?

Omagah, I just burst out in laughter, so much so that I almost lost my mind coz you gotta admit it, it’s just plain stupid and funny! He really taught the cheese ran away FOR REAL. No joke, hardcore science student who always takes thing literally, ey?

Moving on; had lunch with Sue Ann. She told me about the bizarre things she did. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, seriously. It’s quite complicated and I (sometimes) don’t get what she is saying; like how we should study the word as much as we study our subjects in uni (3 hours a day is not enough?!) and how God’s word convicts us but we hate it and rebel against it and she seems pretty stressed up being a Christian. Either that or I am just way too chilled. Yo, what’s up dawg? Yeah, okay I admit, I’m actually pretty laid-back person. I don’t read the bible everyday too so shoot me if you want but I’m guilty as you are too. I’ve heard so many sermons since young, preachers in preachers out and I guess it all boils down to just one thing (besides reading, of course) which is your heart. Living it out is more important and harder than just studying God’s word. True story, bro. I’m not saying we should neglect studying – it IS very important to be standing on strong biblical grounds but going too deep can sometimes cause you to be ‘burned’.

Anyway, I shall stop here.

Muscles were sore so I took a break from gym today.

Had fun running in the rain momentarily with Yinny. I feel young again, whee!

Day 1, out.